Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ScrapTiffany Recycled Blog Hop

Welcome to Kay's Scrappy Day blog.  Scrap Tiffany is having a blog hop and the theme is Recycling!  If you just arrived at my blog you will want to start at the beginning of the hop at Scrap Tiffany.  I know you will not want to miss any of the great projects presented by the design team.  If you arrived from Katie's blog, Scissors Spatulas and Sneakers, you are in the right place to follow along.

For my recycled project I started by going to our local Goodwill store.  I was lucky enough to find two, plain brown, paper mache bunnies for 99 cents.  I scooped them up and thought what a great Easter project.  I stopped by the LSS and picked out two different patterned light weight paper because I thought it would work best for this project and also another bottle of Mod Podge. 

I tore both pieces of paper into strips and then tore it again into smaller pieces.  I laid down wax paper over my table and then pained the pieces with the Mod Podge and applied it to the paper mache bunnies.  I alternated the paper around to give the bunny some dimention.  After it dryed I used distress ink and the Tim Holtz blending tool and gave everything a little distressed look. 

I wanted to embelish them a little so on one bunny I added a piece of lace and applied it too with Mod Podge.  I used Rhinestones from my stash on both bunnies.  I felt that they needed a little pastel color so found little pastel colored buttons and applied them and black buttons for eyes.

I let them play outside for a while when the sun was out before bringing them indoors for my center piece on my dining room table.  The branches for my Easter egg tree are recycled too.  Last year I noticed my neighbor had trimmed one of his trees and all these branches were piled in a small trailer.  I just had to go over and ask if I could have a few.  Of course, he thought I was crazy for wanting them.  I think for next year they will get white spray paint put on them.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Your next stop is Jennifer.  She is a great artist that will sure to wow you with her creation.  Don't forget to congratulate her on her new baby girl born April 9th!

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  1. Kay, your bunnies are absolutely adorable!! You did a fantastic job. Oh, and your table looks awesome, too! Way to go!!

  2. What a cute pare of bunnies, they look so cute and adorable you did a nice job on the project.
    Much love Marielle

  3. Cute project, Kay! They are so festive and welcoming for the Easter season!!!

  4. oh soooooooo cute!! love these!

  5. Those bunnies are adorable and the tree, so pretty!

  6. Cute bunnies kay, 2 in 1 recycle items..
    outdoor and indoor...very good idea.

  7. What cute little bunnies. Love them!

  8. fabulous idea.. now i know what to do with mine.. beautiful .. hugs Bev

  9. Oh how cute are those!!! Such a great idea Bev!

  10. What a great Easter project! They turned out great.


  11. WOW ! The bunnies look awesome, and so does your table !!!

  12. My girls would love these! And your table looks fantastic!

  13. Very cute!

    iamvictorias at gmail dot com

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  15. Very cute! I have something similar to the Easter tree that I found at a secondhand shop, but the branches work wonderfully!